With the opening of 2014 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, still got those slight fever. Anyhow, even I had those cough, this will not stop me to watch it.

The Feb. 15 is a good schedule. For others like us, this would also be a post “Valentine” celebration.

We got a badge for VIP/Media and the location is more convenient located at Mall of Asia’s seaside. Apparently, one can get a perfect shot.

Actually, after I saw my shots, I just got a few of them that I can say my best shot.

For the first exhibition, Philippines from Platinum Fireworks, Inc performed entitled “Love is in the Air” – a prelude to Valentine Celebration. Platinum Works is the organizer of this celebrated event that has been running for 5 years. They have also given much pride to our country by winning in prestigious competition.



For the competition, Australia of Howard and Sons Fireworks is the first to exhibit performing numerous event including opening and closing of Sea Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, Fourth of July celebration in Utah USA to name a few.



For other schedules to watch every Saturday, here is the list:

February 22, 2014
Spain (Brunchu Pyro)
United Kingdom (Jubilee Fireworks)

March 1, 2014
France (Brezac Artifices)
Japan (Tamaya Kitahara)

March 8, 2014
China (Liuyang New Year Fireworks)
Germany (Vulcan Europe)

March 15, 2014
Finland (Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd)
Canada (Royal Pyrotechnie)

March 22, 2014
USA (Atlas Pyro Vision)
Philippines (Platinum Fireworks Inc)

Tickets prices to the 5th Philippine Pyromusical Competition:
Silver Ticket – Php 100 (Standing room only; first-come, first-served basis.)
Gold Ticket – Php 300 (Standing room only; first-come, first-served basis.)
VIP Ticket – Php X (to be updated. Last year, it was Php 500)
Patron w/ Dinner – Php X (to be updated. Last year, it was Php 1,500)