Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines unveiled nine colours set to trend in 2015 and 2016 with its Trend Beyond Colours initiative.

These trending colours were established by some of Asia’s leading interior designers and architects at the Asia Pacific Chromazone Colour Forecasting Workshop held in Kuala Lumpur. The occasion marked the first ever convergence of Asian professionals to create an Asian Palette for the region. As a result, Nippon Paint pioneered the Asian Colour Palette for Asia that was introduced at Trend Beyond Colours.

One of the key trends established was that consumers are evolving beyond mere colours, gravitating towards textured effects to inject a sensorial element to walls and interior spaces.

Featuring nine colours across three inspirational themes – ‘Just Me’, ‘Sacred Love’ and ‘Revo-Evolution’ – these themes represent the evolving socio-ecological consciousness sweeping across Asia today, promoting Asian sentiments and diversity.

The ‘Sacred Love’ theme features Persian Blue (NP BGG 1588T), a colour inspired by the best gifts of nature; Dinosaur Gray (NP N 2042P) is a stance against pollution and destruction; whilst Esperina (NP BGG 1750A) is a touch of nature in the concrete jungle we live in today.


“Just Me” recognizes the vivacity of the new emboldened Asian – Yellow Jasmine (NP YO 1100D) represents the growing free-spiritedness of what used to be a straight-laced individual; Pretty Box (NP R 1321P) pushes gender boundaries and expresses that the power of pink can be for both him and her; and Carrothead (NP AC 2065A) conveys the Asian spontaneity and positive outlook to life.

The ‘Revo-Evolution’ theme features Blue Award (NP PB 1520D), a colour that symbolizes our sense of hope and positivity; Painted Frame (NP N 1904A) is a loud statement of sophistication; yet contradicted by Old Rose (NP N 1893P) that represents the internal search for admiration as well as respect.


Gladys Goh, Group General Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, explained that trends are constantly evolving, “Trend Beyond Colours was organized as an endeavour to spur one to rethink the use of paint and recreate new works of art that truly stand out. At Nippon Paint, we strive to push the boundaries of paint; going beyond the aesthetics of colours, to now include the sensorial effect of textures, and even taking it beyond walls onto many different surfaces.

In line with the ever changing taste buds of consumers, each trending colour can also be perfectly matched with Nippon Paint’s Momento™ Special Effect paint to produce trends beyond colour and create remarkable textured walls to further showcase individuality and convey uniqueness of personality.


The choices are endless with the Textured Paint series. MomentoTM Elegant; introduces a stylistic impression to walls with a luxurious finish and MomentoTM Sparkle (Gold, Silver or Pearl); adding a dash of glitz to walls with a finish that sparkles like a gem.

The Enhancer series creates a semi-transparent glaze, featuring 2 unique special effects; Frost – a unique texture that echoes the serenity of cool winter mornings; and Cloud – a dreamy texture that echoes the breezy feeling of clouds.

The colours featured at Nippon Paint’s Trend Beyond Colours 2015/2016 are available across all of Nippon Paint’s products, providing variety over a wide range of surfaces that includes ceramic tiles, wood, metal, and many more.

Attendees at Trend Beyond Colours also got to experience mixing and enhancing the nine colours with Nippon Momento™ Special Effect Paint first-hand, to see how colours can recreate a whole new trend, through inspiring colour forecasting workshops.


“We are encouraged to see attendees explore the endless possibilities of paint at our inaugural Trend Beyond Colours event. The nine trend colours, together with our total coating solutions across a wide range of surfaces, should inspire one to rethink the wonderful possibilities that paint has to offer. In line with our Re:Think, Re:Create mantra, we are steadfast in pushing the boundaries of paint beyond just colours and walls – revolutionizing the way paint is perceived and applied,” said Goh.

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