Did you know that men lose weight faster than women? With the right weight loss program, they can be fit and fab by Cohen.


Cohen by Ruel Umali of www.ruelumali.com

Maybe this is the reason why I attended this event – that is to confirm and see in my eyes those five men who experience the program, after losing as much as 20 lbs a month through the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, a rapid weight loss and wellness solution through nutrition based on a person’s unique blood profile.

Cohen by Ruel Umali of www.ruelumali.com

As discuss by Dr. Angela Rodriguez-Bandola, Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre Philippines Director “The male body composition has a higher percentage of lean muscle and less fat than women. This means they have a higher metabolic rate and so burn off kilojoules faster.”

Dr. Bandola adds that when men gain weight, the fat becomes almost always concentrated around their abdomen which is correlated with increased risk of cardiometabolic diseases. Most men are just not troubled when the stomach area begins to bulge, because people associate extra weight with strength and masculinity.

Cohen by Ruel Umali of www.ruelumali.com

For 38 year-old Richard Ang, however, the extra weight meant a huge decline in self-confidence, which was important for a film and TV commercial director like himself: “Image is quite important in my line of work as I present projects to clients and ad agencies…It may be hard for anyone to believe someone who doesn’t believe in himself.” After only four months, he lost 80 lbs, from 280 lbs.

Meanwhile, Miguel Zozobrado, 27, resolved to lose weight, after feeling lousy and groggy all the time, even sharing that at one point, he “literally felt like a huge tub of lard.” Four and a half months into the Cohen program, business development manager Miguel is down to 175 lbs from 255 lbs, and proudly reveals that he feels lighter and “cleaner” inside and can wear medium-sized clothes from a previous XXL size.

For his part, 45 year-old businessman and surgeon Armando Bonifacio was already advised to take maintenance medications to curb his elevated blood pressure and sugar levels. He tried three other popular diet programs and even diet pills, but cited Cohen for being the fast and safer way to lose weight: “Cohen not only made me healthier but also look younger and full of energy. The best thing about it is I am now symptom-free and need not take any medications.” He lost 50 lbs in just four months.

Twenty-two year-old Anton Barandiaran, on the other hand, proudly shed 108 lbs off his 294 lb body. He tried other programs, but was disappointed after his weight reached a plateau. With Cohen, on the contrary, Anton claims that as long as he stuck to the diet, he continued to lose weight. He also shared a secret to making the program effective: “Cohen will only work if you decide to make it work for yourself.”

But the biggest weight loss story was that of 31 year-old Francis Salazar, an IT specialist who used to weigh 325 lbs, pay fares good for two, and have his clothes custom-made. From being someone who considers eating as his only vice, Francis learned how to control his eating habits, and can now do cardio workout easily and buy clothes off the rack. He is now just 168 lbs.

All five graduates attribute their success to the program’s lifestyle approach to weight loss. As Richard points out, “The Cohen program is not simply a diet. It taught me how to change my lifestyle; how to eat to live and not live to eat…I was given a renewed appreciation for flavor and cooking since it teaches you to get creative with good, healthy food.”

Under the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, food becomes the medicine, which has to be taken in precise dosages. The key is the scientific and individualized formulation of the program, based on the person’s biochemical profile. Moreover, the program encourages the intake of only natural, healthy food to correct the hormonal imbalance in obese individuals.

Aside from losing weight, Cohen graduates reap the benefits of reduced cholesterol levels, improved blood pressure, decrease in cellulite, increased skin elasticity, improved fertility, and increased energy level.

Not surprisingly, Cohen graduate Miguel says he could not be happier with the results, and tells people struggling with their weight to take the program: “Wouldn’t you pay with whatever you have to lengthen your life?”

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