Considering myself as a blogger is accidental, I may say.  My hobby to took those picture around made me realize to personally compile everything via online. I was also encourage to research more with fellow bloggers con photographers wannabe like me.

From there, I got to consider blogs to friends and colleagues with the same passion that I have.

Presenting my choice for the top emerging blogs for 2013 which also my favorites:

  1. –  I have seen Arman how he took his photography seriously when we had an out-of-town trips.  Those shots were painstakingly taken that made those pictures on his blog truly captivating.
  2. – a group that love to travel, taking pictures but mostly adventure and fun which compile everything thru their website.  Commuting via vehicle, boat, plane or simply walking around to discover  what a real travel is. all about.
  3. – JayL would always make it a point to document everything with his smart phone every time he is on the road tagging, tweeting and sharing it.
  4.–  colorful, sweetest yet simplest travel blog that I have seen which depicted Ayln’s bubbly and awesome personality.
  5. – young professional like Joms knows very well on how to take those travel shots with perfection.
  6. – Jinkee’s style of food is simple yet enticing to the appetite making a busy mom still prepare for her family meal.

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