To honor the man of the house, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has partnered with S&R and Austrade to make sure daddy dearest gets a bellyful of his favourite Australian beef and more. MLA is launching twin promotions for the Father’s Day month of June.


Every purchase of 2 kilos of Australian beef at any S&R branch until June 15 entitles customers to draw from a lot and bring home any one of the following prizes: indoor grill, charbroiled grill, food thong, Australian Red Wine or recipe booklet. From June 14 to 30, diners at Cyma, Allium and Madison’s Bistro Moderne who will order any entree made with Australian beef can get a special Father’s Day mug.



Among Filipinos, beef can be both everyday fare and a special occasion treat. With Father’s Day coming up, there are a lot of ways to savor beef as a celebration dish whether one chooses to prepare it at home or enjoy it at a restaurant.



In major markets around the world, there is a preference of Australian beef because of the taste factor and high safety standards. “Australia is widely known for having an enviable food safety record when it comes to producing safe, quality beef,” says MLA Country Head for the Philippines, Peter Paul Perez. “The eating quality of Australian red meat is superior. To begin with, Australia’s unspoiled, natural environment is most ideal for raising cattle. What the Australian beef industry has done is to build on this strength so it now has a 200-year old history devoted to advancing livestock production and meat safety.”

Meat and Livestock Australia is a trade organization owned by cattle producers in Australia. It provides research for the Australian red meat and livestock industry and promotes Australia beef and lamb in local and international markets. In the Philippines, MLA undertakes promotion activities directly among retail consumers and food service outlets to highlight Australian red meat’s versatility, enjoyment and value for money, with a particular focus on the nutritional role of red meat in a healthy diet.