With the latest release of Kuh Ledesma’s “Memories,” the voice to Pop Diva lends her lush, crystal clear voice to beautifully-penned love songs that perfectly capture unforgettable romantic memories.

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In the launching of “Memories” Kuh Ledesma reunites with two industry partnes. A project with Universal Records and gets to share her talent with famed composer Cecile Azarcon.

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“Every Cecile Azarcon is destined to be a hit,” says Kuh. “I’ve always loved how she writes her words. They are her experiences of love, joy and pain.”

Kuh adds that she is pleased to have been given this chance to record seven of Cecile’s songs for “Memories.”

“I do hope that you fall in love with these songs again,”shares Kuh. “I hope they (songs in “Memories”) make you fall in love, over and over again.”

The Pop Diva also expresses gratitude to Cecile Azarcon for letting her record and re-record these amazing songs – “I think I’m In Love,” “One More Try,” “So Its You,” “Special Memory,” “Huwag Kang Mangako,””How Did You Know” and “Hello.”

“So It’s You” is the theme of the upcoming movie of the same title with lead stars Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana.

After listening to the number of songs and minus one, I was hoping that there were more to listen too. Again and again, it so nice to hear the heart warming voice the Original Diva.

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