Our family got the opportunity to witness the first IMAX 3D in the south located at SM Southmall Cinema at the 3rd level.

With the IMAX 3D Theatre, we see more, hear more, feel more – an ultimate & most immerse cinematic movie experience one can imagine as if you become part of the movie.

SM Southmall IMAX 3D

SM Southmall & IMAX Theatre presented a special advanced screening of Adventures of Tintin to let customers experience the excellent movie quality in IMAX.

SM Southmall IMAX 3D

Adventures of Tintin is directed by Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg and Oscar winning producer Peter Jackson: an epic, globe-hopping quest with one-of-a-kind mix of action, humor and scintillating tale spin in a 3D motion picture event.

Here is the You-Tube Movie Trailer:

The premier of The Adventures of Tintin is just one of the many blockbuster movies that SM Southmall had lined up for the South Metro Manila residents.

Our family will definitely anticipating our next IMAX movie experience.

Visit their facebook fanpage link: http://www.facebook.com/smsouthmall

SM Southmall IMAX 3D