After my face-to-face whale shark aka Butanding encounter last July, the idea to engage again in animal interaction interest me when my wife invited me to join her at Manila Ocean Park.

This time, we were excited to see yet to hold sting rays and shark at the Acquatica area – an outdoor pool where marine creatures which said to be wild and dangerous can be as gentle and friendly to swim with.

With Manila Ocean Park’s newest and most engaging animal interaction to date, a go beyond aquarium wall adventure is a must-experience.

The Sting Rays half-body encounter is a personal face to fin contact where one can hold yet carry them. Sharks were also swimming around. From there, all the misconceptions that they will do harm to humans were corrected and one will be fearless to be with them.

To those who do not like to take a dip, Dry Encounter is also available. There’s no need to get wet or change clothes. There are marine life trainers that would give basic information about these sea animals. One can reach them thru acrylic panel, to touch and feel contact with them that would heightens your appreciation to care for the ocean and its inhabitants. This is ideal for school tours and large group bookings.

There is also a specialized CSR program focusing on sharks and rays encounter by persons with disabilities and special needs. They can get the chance to hold and pose for pictures with the sea creatures under the supervision of trained divers. Advanced booking is required for this offering.

Fee is P 800.00. You can also call 567-7777 loc. 153 for information and reservation. The attraction is in Acquatica near the entrance of Manila Ocean Park located behind Qurino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila.

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Website: Manila Ocean Park

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