The start of the year usually inspires us to give our homes a general cleaning.

Decluttering the house and getting rid of junk we accumulated in the past year will surely give us a fresh perspective and renewed energy to face the year ahead. But ridding our home of clutter requires a lot of work, time and determination.

More often than not, getting started is already a task in itself.   Just thinking about the task ahead depletes our energy and enthusiasm to begin.

To help jumpstart your cleaning and organizing project, Mandaue Foam Furniture Store, the one-stop home furnishing destination, offers a few tips to make decluterring our home more manageable.

Be Realistic.

Major house cleaning and organizing sometimes fail because we tend to take on more than we can realistically manage. Focus on tasks which you think require more attention and start from there. One way of doing this is by starting with just one area or room. Finish this before you plan and start with the next. This will help not only help you finish the work, but also allow you to do the job properly.

Set A Schedule.

Clearing, cleaning and organizing takes a lot of time. Make sure you set a definite schedule which can be as short as 20-30 minutes a day or an hour or two during weekends – whichever works best for you. Setting a fixed schedule that will allow you to do some advanced planning and work undisturbed.


Before you start the actual process of organizing your things, divide all your things into four categories: Discard, Giveaway, Retain and Store. This will help you see which things are essential or useful, which ones you can give away or sell, and what items have to be thrown away. Once you are done with segregating the items, stick to it. Nothing consumes more time and energy than indecision.

Provide Proper Places.

Once you have all your things segregated, it will be a breeze to put them in their proper places. Things that are broken goes into the trash bin while those that are to be given out, donated or sold can be put in a box and go straight the trunk of your car or the garage. Things that can be reused like holiday decors and accessories can be stored in boxes and labelled properly.

Less Is More.

Instead of giving a fresh and positive vibe, overcrowding an area or a display case with mismatched items can be an eyesore. A great trick is to individually highlight cherished possessions by providing it with its own area or display stand. It will give your home more focus and look organized.

Mandaue Foam Furniture Store offers great solutions for organizing and showing off your cherished possessions like console tables, display cabinets and shelves, as well as storage units to keep your things clean, protected and organized until the time you need to use them again. Know for high quality and affordability, Mandaue Foam Furniture Store can even customize most of their furniture to fit specific needs.

A clean and clutter-free home is definitely one of the best ways to start the year. It will not just give your house a positive vibe, but it can also give you fresh outlook and energy to face the year ahead.

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