BeoPlay S8 is a highly flexible and compact stereo system that will bring invigorating life to your music streaming experiences.

Stunning, goose bump inducing sound meets cool elegance with BeoPlay S8 – a new subwoofer and speaker set from B&O PLAY that gives you the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound – to power up, enhance or even transform your music streaming experiences.

BeoPlay S8 is inspired by the popular Beolab 14 from Bang & Olufsen – and it is definitely in a class of its own, when it comes to stereo speakers.

BeoPlay S8 – A Powerful Speaker to Boost Musical Experience by Ruel Umali of

The visual design of both the satellite speakers and the sculptural subwoofer is recognizable, cool Scandinavian subtlety topped with that distinctive edge that makes it a perfect choice for design-oriented customers.

The craftsmanship of BeoPlay S8 is best in class – with premium quality materials like pearl-blasted aluminium, crafted from single pieces of aluminium to bring you acoustic stability and precision, overall solidity and last but not least a sleek uninterrupted finish. The multitude of placement options offered by the stereo system makes it flexible enough to fit into the mobile lives of the youthful B&O PLAY audience.

BeoPlay S8 – A Powerful Speaker to Boost Musical Experience by Ruel Umali of

You can place the subwoofer centrally, in a corner or behind a piece of furniture – you can place the satellite speakers on wall brackets or table stands – whatever suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. And, if you combine the above-mentioned qualities like outstanding sound, exceptional design and a wealth of ways to place S8 with its easy and hassle-free setup, you’ve got an exclusive package that both fits and stands out while being attractive to all ages and genders.

The sound profile of BeoPlay S8 is the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound; designed to bring you sound the way the artist intended it – no tweaks and no over-emphasized elements.    Just clean, honest sound that will make you go Wow!

BeoPlay S8 – A Powerful Speaker to Boost Musical Experience by Ruel Umali of

The 8-inch subwoofer boasts a convincing bass performance despite its relative physical compactness – handling the frequency range from 20-150 Hz with ease. A dedicated 280 Watt class D amplifier powers the subwoofer.

The satellite speakers feature 2.5-inch full range speaker drivers, each powered by a dedicated 140 Watt class D amplifier, placed inside the subwoofer – and handling individual equalization for each driver unit making it a truly active stereo speaker system.

Connect your BeoPlay S8 to streaming hubs like Apple’s AirPort Express, Sonos Connect or almost any other streaming device out there – or hook it up to your “regular” audio amplifier or receiver for a real blast of B&O PLAY. On top of that, you can even connect BeoPlay S8 to your BeoPlay V1 or any Bang & Olufsen television – and bring even more life to your television experiences.

When you buy BeoPlay S8 everything is in the box; table stands, wall brackets and all the cables needed – you’ve just got to plug it into the source and you’re good to go.

For more information, contact:
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Bang & Olufsen Philippines
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