WD, the world’s leading provider of excellent computer storage solutions, hosts its first ever gaming tournament for the Philippine tech press on March 6, 2015 at Imperium e-Sports Bar and Video Game Lounge in Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Pasig City.


Dubbed as “WD Gamers Cup: WD X Imperium Media LAN Party”, this gaming event marks the exquisite collaboration of WD with Metro Manila’s most popular and chicest Internet bar, Imperium. The LAN party features the country’s most celebrated gaming and technology bloggers and technology media members as gaming competitors, giving them interactive and first-hand experience of the overall reliability of one of WD’s top-of-the-line hard drive lines, WD Green.


“WD Gamers Cup, in collaboration with Imperium e-Sports Bar and Video Lounge, is a perfect platform to not only engage and celebrate the country’s top technology influencers in a friendly Counter Strike match, but to also inform them the outstanding features of WD Green,” says Charlotte Koa, WD Philippines country sales manager.

The Many Wonders of WD Green Drive

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From WD’s Power of Choice line, WD Green hard drive takes pride in its eco-friendly and power-saving attributes. Increased power consumption is being prevented with its GreenPower Technology, as it manages heat which allows the hard drive to operate cooler with increased overall reliability. This unique technology of WD Green also decreases noise and vibration levels as well as hard drive failure, allowing you to work with your computer in a more hassle-free manner. Also, its advanced 4K HDD formatting makes WD Green a stronger solution compared to its rivals in the market.

Although famous for its power-saving and eco-friendly features, WD Green also works best as a complementary drive to solid state drives (SSDs) as it solves storage limitations through the Smart Repsonse Technology. It also delivers the ultimate experience for gamers who want a steady balance of capacity and speed.


“WD Green once combined with SSD though the Intel rapid storage technology, can achieve the speed of SSD then take advantage of the additional capacity from HDD. It’s like Hybrid Drives,” explained by Albert Chung, Senior Product Marketing Manager for WD APAC. “WD Green as a second drive can be alternative for the WD Black- which is popular for its system performance. SSD can provide the needed speed of the gamers, yet with WD Green Drive, the capacity of the desktop storage could increase.”

WD Green- an eco-friendly, high performance storage device that is highly recommended for primary use in Desktop and All-in-One PCs, could also be a supplementary storage for backing up files and archiving.

Best-in-class power management, reduced heat output, and next-generation technologies such as IntelliSeek, WD Green offers a perfect balance of performance and power.

A Perfect Techie Collaboration


The gamers cup organized by WD, with the collaborating efforts of Imperium Internet bar, has hyped up the local tech and gaming scene. WD has awarded 5 WD Green hard drive units to the winning team, plus a cool party to the tech press. Although the event is primarily aimed at WD’s brand awareness, the exciting event has also inevitably changed the e-gaming landscape in the Philippines, according to Raphael Gancayco, president of Imperium e-Sports Bar and Video Game Lounge.


“The WD Gamers Cup has given its participants a glimpse of what it is like to compete in a global e-Sports tournament scenario. This event has made e-Sports even more popular in the Philippines. The goal of Imperium e-Sports Bar has always been to elevate the level of professionalism of e-Sports in the country, and I believe WD is doing just that with this amazing gaming tournament and party,” says Gancayco, who is an international professional e-sports gamer himself.
He also shares how WD Green has empowered his business. “We at Imperium e-Sports Bar personally love the features of WD Green hard drive. We run high-powered PCs and we take advantage of the reduced power consumption without sacrificing performance that only WD Green can deliver. The enormous storage capacity allows us to have ready access to graphic intensive games and allow us to produce more content in the future,” says Gancayco.

Available now at select retailers and distributed by Ubertech Technologies Inc and Iontech Techologies Inc. WD Green has 2-year warranty. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price WD Green 5 TB is PHP 10,950, and PHP 13,400 for 6 TB. Pricing for WD Green 2 TB is PHP 6,995, PHP 8,850 for 3 TB and PHP 11,550 for 4 TB. More information about WD Green hard drive may be found on the company website at http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=780