Not a moment passes by when we do not sit on a chair. Many of our daily activities require that we use one. When we are working at the office or studying at home, we need a seat that will support us comfortably for hours on end. When we take our meals, whether it is breakfast at home, or lunch or snacks at a restaurant or cafeteria, we need to sit down as we fortify ourselves for a day of work. And as we unwind from a long day at the office, we look for a comfortable chair or sofa to help the body relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.



By designing furnishings that have multiple functions and that could be stowed away easily, a small flat need no longer feel cramped.



ErgoHome’s most creative design is creating a liveable space in a 14-square meter flat. By raising the floor and adapting a tatami design, much needed storage is introduced under the floor boards, while the steps that take you into the unit also hide needed shelving. With the push of a button, a dining table and work area rises from the floor, while much needed office space is stowed away at the back of a cabinet.






Some furnishings transform into another item with just a slight adjustment. A kitchen table serves as a center table with just a slight adjustment of its legs. A display cabinet becomes a bed or workspace with just the pull of a handle. With just a few simple steps, homeowners can easily convert what should have been a cramped space into a multi-purpose one.



To discover more about ErgoHome unique lifestyle designs, you may call and visit SM Mall of Asia at (+632) 831-4110 or visit its other showrooms at SM Megamall, Cebu and Davao.