Consistent services, cleanliness par excellence and food is superb yet healthy in our taste palate. Definitely, will go back again for more.

Every time we dine in a restaurant, I look around to see the vibe of getting the ambiance first – the feel of its interior design, the color scheme, spacing but most of all the cleanliness.

Maybe because of working for more than a decade as a Store Manager in a restaurant business before and trained how it was being done, I can now apply my learning not just to take pictures but to appreciate how to be a guest and to hone those craft as a foodie.

When I entered in Tien Ma located in D. Tuazon, I know I came to a right place of dining experience.  Coming from Laguna is not an easy path from me considering the traffic and time I will spent for an evening of Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine.  Honestly, I did not have a regret at all.

The simplicity and lightning of the place feel the calm of the whole surrounding that promoted the positive feeling that one has the environment for a  food escapade.

Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine


For a start, we tasted their best seller – the Xiao Long Bao.  I appreciated this dish when my wife taught me how to eat this right since there is a technique in doing it.

A soup dimsum on its own piece – authentic I may say as it nestled the nice symphony taste of the broth yet tender and juicy.

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisineXiao Long Bao – P 200.00 

Who would think that there is still a price of P 80.00 for this dainty dish serving ? The fresh tofu and century egg are a plate of freshness and goodness.  This is another way of eating tofu that is healthy indeed.  

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisineTofu with Century Egg – P 80.00

Covered to store the moist and innovativeness of these fried dumplings that surprisingly, all were crispy outside yet tasty inside.  Each filing was fragrant yet delicious.

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisineFried Pork / Shrimp Dumplings – P 200.00

First time to try stinky tofu that made my wife’s face to have a happy dance when she saw it – one of her fave in a Taiwanese cuisine.  

This fermented tofu that was served to to us was golden in texture, yet crispy and crusty.  Since these were deeply fried, I expected to be greasy but its not.  

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisineStinky Tofu – P 199.00

A chowfan but its not.  First time also to eat pineapple in my rice and surprisingly, the rice become sweet but not too watery nor too oily.

The pork floss blended well also that made this rice meal to each its own – no need for viand, I suppose.

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisinePineapple Fried Rice – P 200.00

I was splurging with joy once I have tasted the soup broth that comes with soft meaty beef.  Serving this bowl of goodness is not that too hot so as not to overcook the noodles.  

Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine Beef Noodle Soup – P 200.00

For dessert, first time to try this pear which I usually ate in a can.  Simmered in red wine,  tender and creamy white inside yet the fresh sweetness is visible.

Another is the Mantou bread that I also first tasted.  Since it was fried, I though it would be oily once tasted.  It’s not. Crunchy and moist inside that made this bread a perfect partner for me in taking soup in my noodles.

Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisinePear in Red Wine Tien Ma's Taiwanese CuisineFried Mantao

We visited again and ordered the same dishes with relatives and add more to check other offering.  They were not disappointed and so do I for the second time.

Consistent service, cleanliness par excellence and food is superb yet healthy in our taste palate. Definitely, will go back again for more dishes.





Address: 168  D.Tuazon St. Corner NS Amoranto Ave., Quezon City

Open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM

For more information, visit their: Facebook Page:

Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine