In this Yuletide Season, most of the people would indulge their holidays thru an out of town trip or even get out of the country just to escape and feel the needed break.

With the many hotels also in the metro, why not take a quick road trip near but still experience countryside Christmas yet the beautiful view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

Club Balai Isabel

That’s what Club Balai Isabel has to offer.

Having different accommodation to choose from small to big group, guests also have also the luscious greenery recreation and dining hall for a well-rounded and relaxing stay.



After a night work, got the time to rest by starting our day with a body massage right at the comfort of our hotel room.

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel also got the holiday celebration offering lavish Lakseshore buffet prepared by Terraza Café starting from Dec. 16 up to New Year’s Eve especially prepared for this occasion.

Club Balai Isabel

Lakeshore Buffet 2016

A solemn mass will also be held at their chapel for contemplating.

This would also be the perfect venue to watch the special fireworks display when the clock strikes midnight. A beautiful array of colors and flickering lights beckon the horizon, welcoming the first day of the year.

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel

What to expect for the upcoming year?

Lake Forest Mansion

Club Balai Isabel is continuously enhancing its facilities such as the newly built Lake Forest Mansion – new dimension of luxury and comfort in a well-appointed suites complete with kitchen facilities, posh lobby, personal swimming pool and more.

Club Balai Isabel

Romantic Dinner

Romance either in the indoor or outdoor with Taal Lake as the backdrop would be a perfect getaway for a couple.  (Note:  You can review the taste of the meal here served.  Have also attach the food served to us)

Romantic Dinner 2017 - Without Room

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel

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