Excited to wake up for breakfast to cook for the family since we are complete.

This is very rare and make it a point to have an intimate talk with them.   Since me and wife are quite both living together in a while, I am still not used to it that we are just two except we have dogs around, still I am anticipating for my children to come over once in a while.

If that happens, I am requesting them to eat together.  Yes, I will make it a point to cook for them.  Definitely, I will prepare what they like best and even it is simple, still, the family bonding matters to the family.

Actually I can relate to what I cross over with Marcelo Santos Mealtime Confessions video blog with his father:

Because like his father, eating meals together is a way to strengthen family bonds as it provides a daily time to be together.

Even my children are young adults already, communication with another provide a sense of security and a feeling of belonging that we are still here for them. Its a means of catching up and even it is still a little time, it is a matter of making time with them.

Eating together at home also making them feel to be emotionally strong and better mental health because I tried ways for them to open and making them secured that me and their mother would always be on their side no matter what.

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