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Buildrite Construction Chemicals, one of the leading construction chemical innovators in the Philippines, launches new products during the opening day of The Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WorldBEX) on March 16 – 19, 2023, at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Founder and CEO of Buildrite, Derrick A. Tan, expressed his excitement as he introduced their new products to the people. He also thanked their customers for giving valuable insights that allowed them to create such products.

CEO Speech

“Your feedback is liquid gold to us, which is why Buildrite always listens to its customers. These products are the culmination of the insights — your experiences, concerns, and requirements — we have gotten from you through the years,” he explained.

The main highlight of Buildrite’s Booth was their Innovation Hub, which features the company’s new innovative products, including:

Level Up 410 – a self-Leveling compound for deep pours (4,000 psi at 10-25mm thickness) and quickly smoothing and leveling large areas of
Cure Sil EB and WB – an all-weather curing compound and concrete strength optimizer, which ensures that the concrete achieves a proper curing process and its designed
StopGap NW and AF – a paintable, non-woven flashing tape and an aluminum flashing tape that are both using a butyl-based adhesive for an easy, convenient, and long-lasting
StopGap CJ – a self-leveling construction joint sealant that possesses enough hardness to protect the edges of joints from loads while having the right flexibility to prevent
Sapal RTU and 2in1 – a weather-resistant exterior wall waterproofer and a sealant/waterproofer, which are now enhanced with polyurethane for longer-lasting
Tofil 807 and 808 – a drywall finishing system with anti-crack technology recommended for fiber cement boards and gypsum boards to eliminate the problem in cracking
Readyrete – the first and only ready-mix concrete in a bag, which can be used for projects requiring 4000 to 6,000 psi of compressive
SmartBond Flex – the first flexible tile adhesive that functions as a shear stress dampener to absorb and withstand the movements of tiles and substrate, which prevents tile debonding despite structural movements and thermal expansion/contraction.
Buildrite New Products

The launching ceremony was graced by the presence of Inventor Ronald P. Pagsanghan, National President of the Filipino Inventors Society, and Mr. William Chua, Vice President of Operations.

In a brief speech, The Filipino Inventors Society President said there’s a high demand for innovative construction materials, particularly among young inventors. He explained that most inventors are shifting to the construction industry because of its continuous technological advancements.

“Kitang kita natin na napakalaki ng puwang ng mga produktong ito sa construction industry. At ang mga ito ay gawang Pilipino, inobasyong Pilipino,” he said.

Inventor Ronald also expressed his admiration to his fellow inventor Derrick Tan and his team’s dedication to driving innovation in the Philippine construction industry. He then invited Buildrite’s CEO to give a talk at one of their events to inspire young inventors, especially students, to create more innovations for the betterment of the country.

“Congratulations, Buildrite! Please continue to innovate… Keep up the good work, Mr. Derrick Tan, and may you continue being an inspiration to our youths,” he concluded.

This is Buildrite’s first time joining WorldBEX, but the company has been an active exhibitor in various construction events over the years. Last year, Buildrite and Sinclair Paints joined the PhilConstruct Expo and launched SmartBond Flex and Readycrete while simultaneously re-launching Sinclair: The New Generation Paint.

Buildrite and Sinclair Paints are also active participants in international training, seminars, and expos, which allowed them to gain insights into advanced technologies in construction chemicals.

Since the launch of their Magtanong Para Sigurado campaign in 2018, the first and original online campaign that teaches the right construction chemical products and methodologies online, Buildrite has been dubbed one of the best innovators in construction chemical technology in the Philippines.

According to CEO Tan, all their efforts center around their essence as a company, to help and teach people about the right construction chemical products and methodologies for specific requirements. Furthermore, the company envisions bringing about a future where the country is already on par with international standards.

This is why Buildrite is fast-tracking industry standardization by raising the bar to new heights.

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